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The Stag Inn


The Stag Inn


Our Client

What We Did

  • Website Design & Build

  • Brand Creation/Supplementation

Nestled amidst the captivating hills of Snowdonia National Park, The Stag Inn exudes charm as a picturesque pub that captures the heart of any visitor. Its reputation for being a haven for pet lovers and serving the most delectable pizzas this side of Naples has made it a standout destination.

With a vision to embrace modernity and vitality, owners Mike and Paulina collaborated with Salty Dog Design to craft a website that mirrors the essence of their establishment while enticing new patrons.

Retaining their iconic logo, the sole stipulation was a prominent presence of the color green in the website’s aesthetic. After a series of creative explorations, we curated a palette that harmoniously marries forest green, wine red, ochre, and parchment. These hues, synonymous with the culinary realm, cocoon the ambiance in an inviting sophistication that resonates quality.

To further elevate the visual experience, we curated a fusion of fonts. The contemporary sans serif typeface ‘Alatsi’ assumes a starring role, exuding a youthful and vibrant energy reminiscent of Mike and Paulina’s own spirit. Complementing this, the secondary font ‘Inter’ ensures effortless readability.

The amalgamation of these design elements bridges the realms of upscale dining and the warm-hearted charm that defines The Stag Inn. It’s an embodiment of their ethos, promising an experience that tantalizes taste buds while fostering a welcoming, convivial atmosphere – a true embodiment of their establishment’s identity.